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Simple Shower Stall Remodel

Simple Shower Stall Remodel

A simple master bathroom shower stall remodel using onyx shower panels creates an elegant, durable, and low-maintenance shower space. The design focuses on overall aesthetic of the bathroom remodeling while ensuring functionality and ease of maintenance.

Shower Stall Layout

The remodeled shower stall is designed to be a spacious and comfortable area, enclosed with glass doors to showcase the onyx panels. The layout is a full alcove 48” shower base

Onyx Shower Panels

• Material: Onyx panels are made from a blend of hydrare crystal and a special polyester resin, giving them a glossy finish that mimics real onyx stone. This combination provides a luxurious appearance while being more affordable and durable than natural onyx.

• Color and Pattern: Onyx shower panels come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from soft, neutral tones like beige, cream, and white to more dramatic hues such as black. The panels often have natural-looking speckling, adding a unique and sophisticated touch to the shower stall.

• Size and Thickness: The panels are available in different sizes and thicknesses to fit the specific dimensions of the shower stall. They can be custom-cut to ensure a perfect fit and seamless appearance.

Features and Benefits

• Seamless Appearance: Onyx shower panels provide a smooth, seamless look with no grout lines compared to traditional tile. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.

• Waterproof and Durable: The resin in the onyx panels makes them highly resistant to water, mold, and mildew. They are also less prone to cracking and chipping compared to natural stone.

• Easy Maintenance: The glossy surface of onyx panels is non-porous, making it easy to clean with mild soap and water. The panels resist stains and do not require sealing, unlike natural stone.

• Luxurious Aesthetic: The translucent quality of onyx panels can create a stunning visual effect, especially when combined with proper lighting. The natural color variations add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the shower stall.

Accessories and Fixtures

• Shower Fixtures: High-quality fixtures in finishes such as chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black complement the onyx panels. Options include rainfall showerheads, handheld sprayers, and body jets for a spa-like experience.

• Shelving and Niches: Built-in shelves or niches can be incorporated into the onyx panels for storing toiletries. These are often designed to blend seamlessly with the panels, maintaining the sleek look of the shower stall.

• Shower Door: Frameless glass doors are a popular choice, allowing the beauty of the onyx panels to be fully visible. The glass can be clear or frosted, depending on privacy preferences.

Overall Design Aesthetic

The remodeled shower stall using onyx panels creates a focal point in the master bathroom. The luxurious, high-end appearance of the onyx panels, combined with modern fixtures and thoughtful lighting, results in a sophisticated and functional shower space that enhances the overall value and appeal of the home.

Location: Lake St Louis, MO

Project Image Gallery

Products Used: The Onyx Collection, MOEN

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