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Home Remodeling Drain Services

Drain Services For The St. Charles Area

Drain camera

Although it seems strange, video cameras are becoming one of the most valuable tools when it comes to the plumbing remodeling industry. That's why St. Charles Kitchens and Baths is utilizing this special tool for our drain services. If you're moving or repairing any kind of plumbing or underground pipes, you can imagine it's a little hard to see. Well, with our drain cameras, we have a safe, effective way to assess your drains and see exactly what's going on down there, so we can make a decision on how to fix it.

St. Charles Kitchens and Baths is your local remodeling company that is up-to-date with all kinds of plumbing solutions and techniques, so you never have to worry about amateur services on one of the most important systems in your home.

Sewer Inspections Before Repair

If the plumbing in your home needs a repair service, we recommend that you let us inspect your sewer system before we start any repairs. Our drain cameras are attached to long cables that we use to investigate your drain issues. By feeding this cable into the drain, we can use live video footage from the camera get a big picture of what kind of repairs your sewer system might need.

It's getting easier and easier these days to get a look at plumbing systems in the home without having to dig trenches and make a mess. If you need plumbing repairs but want a clearer picture of what needs to be fixed beforehand, call on St. Charles Kitchens and Baths for our drain services.

Drain Clearing In Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

We've all been there at one point or another-- you try to drain your sink or bathtub and it takes more than a couple of seconds for the water to make its way out. Before running to the store to grab some Draino or other chemical drain cleaner, call St. Charles Kitchens and Baths. Our professional bathroom remodelers know the best ways to clear your drains without the use of chemicals that could end up damaging your plumbing systems.

Drains get clogged by years of buildup from soap scum, hair, and dirt. Not only does this clogging make doing small things like washing the dishes and taking a shower a lot more difficult, it can also damage your drain pipes. Making sure your drains are clean and clear is vital when it comes to the health of your plumbing system. With regular drain clearing from a professional like St. Charles Kitchens and Baths, you can save time and money by preventing expensive repairs or replacements.

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